Dr Cass, (whom I have studied with for many years) has shown me the pathway that the body moves through from degeneration back to good health,  using Dr Reckeweg’s chart of toxicology. He has also developed a range of specific naturopathic remedies under the Physica- Energetics label,  (I use these in my clinic practice, and supply through this shop), that deal with specific systemic problems and which brings the body system back to balance.

Dr Cass developed the chart  ‘ Healing for the pattern of life.

This chart shows the pathways that follow the pattern for life – if we try and change something out of this sequence the body reacts and will suffer a systemic crisis.

So first we open the drainage routes to allow toxicity to be eliminated during the healing process – we then move on to liver detoxification and gut and adrenal stability (adrenal hyperactivity affects gut mobility and absorption) The next areas to clear are the causative factors, emotional and miasmic – and finally the deep cellular work to allow the body to maintain homeostasis.

As a Healing Arts’ Practitioner, I am constantly working with the challenges of an ever increasing toxic burden in the lives of my patients.  Added to that, are the ever changing legalities and requirements being placed on our alternative health industry as a whole. With these factors in mind, Physica Energetics has sought out partnerships with a wonderful and diverse grouping of clinical and regulatory experts to provide us with the best available products, clinical and technical support for our practice and ultimately our patients.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”        Jim Rohn

During my training, and also when I was practicing, the realisation I had was that the allopathic way to treat the body was fundamentally wrong! – they are taught to treat the body as individual and isolated systems – so we have bone specialists, heart specialists and so on you get the idea – and that is when I started to use the quote –  Nutrition is probably the most misunderstood and undervalued subject with regard to disease, and ultimately the health, of the body. “   Because our body is a very complex machine that has to work synergistically and when it is – we say “we are in GOOD HEALTH and feeling well”. So my treatment method is to work with the whole body first at a cellular level – then mind and emotions and then our spiritual essence – all of these must be synchronised to be ‘healthy’.