Do you want to bring other people one step closer to Juice Plus+ and all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Our business model gives you the chance to build up your own business and inspire other people to a healthy life.

The Juice Plus+ Company

Founder, Jay Martin, has had a vision for over 40 years: to inspire people all over the world to a better life. The Juice Plus+ Company has been pursuing this goal ever since. 

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Juice Plus+ Experience

Juice Plus

Thousands have changed their lives with Juice Plus+. Plunge into the Juice Plus+ experience and become part of it.

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Juice Plus+ Franchise

Family. Friends. Free time. Career – the important things in life. The Juice Plus+ Franchise combines all this in one unique model. A model that is as individual as you are. 

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Lift by Juice Plus+ is the natural energy that fuels your body and mind.

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Fruit and vegetable selection capsules

CJP Premium
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Healthy Starts for Families

The Healthy Starts for Families program from Juice Plus+ aims to inspire healthy living around the world by starting with healthy living in the home. Learn more today!
Healthy Starts
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Spring Fruit & Vegetables – how are they good for you?

You can see the full list of fruit and vegetables in season throughout the year here.
JP Blogs
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