Heart’s Song Milieu Liposome Spray


Homeopathic Liposome Spray TRANSGENERATIONAL Body, Mind, Heart M/F Clarification, Female Tonic, Menopause, PMS
Concentrated Liposome Homeopathic Milieu Tincture Spray (60 mL)  (Advanced Nanosphere TechnologyTM)
Legacy Series
Formulated with Dr. Jacinta Willems
Dosage:  2 sprays sublingually 2-3x daily,

This remedy has been successfully formulated in a customized nanosphere liposomeTM designed to specifically deliver the “right formula, at the right level, at the right time and in the right sequence” This approach ensures a more rapid delivery system which removes the challenges of high alcoholic content and the need for large amounts of the remedy. A little goes a long way!

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