Ozonated Olive Oil


           Directions: Use topically as required

  • Ozonated Olive Oil – Super Ozonated Olive Oil is produced by bubbling Ozone O3 (produced using medical grade oxygen), through natural food-grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This process lasts for a minimum of 3 weeks until a balm resembling Vaseline is obtained.

  • An Activated Form Of Oxygen – Ozonated Olive Oil is an activated form of oxygen that’s highly beneficial to the body and clearing many of today’s skin problems.

  • An Alternative Against Conventional Treatment – Ozonated Olive Oil is wholly natural and is not a drug. As a natural topical gel, Super Ozonated Olive Oil is safe to use for a variety of skin issues.

  • Relieves Irritation and Produces Faster Healing – Ozone Oil can relieve dermatitis, itchy skin, irritation and redness. When the irritation or inflammation is reduced, faster healing can occur.

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