Your body is a factory

Let’s look at our amazing body in a slightly different way – let’s say “the body is a factory” for instance – the main control centre is the office (brain) where all the day to day running decisions are planned and made. These plans are then put to various managers in the business – Stomach (2nd brain) to make decisions based on the directive – Nervous System to carry out the directives and make things work – control over Muscles, Heart, Lungs and the plant detoxing unit the Liver and Kidneys.

The main office (Brain) has to make sure all these systems of the factory are running in harmony (homeostasis) if not an alarm will sound in the factory (stomach) and send messages to the emergency services (adrenals) who then go into action (muscles, heart, lungs). if there is a toxicity problem the fire services will be called to control the problem – Blood, Liver and kidneys – once back in homeostasis the alarm stops (adrenals shut down) systems return back to normal.
There is an input of raw material (food) to supply the factory with the raw material – it goes into a prep area (Stomach) to be processed into different components for different parts of the factory – taken through on the conveyor belts and off loaded into different areas (absorption in small intestine) once that has been used in the factory process the waste goes on another conveyor belt to be taken to a waste disposal unit – (large intestine)
If there is a delay in removing the volatile waste the toxic alarm sounds and the emergency services fly into action (Adrenals Blood, Liver and Kidneys) to remove the problem.
I have a question – WHO IS RUNNING THIS SHOW?
The HEAD OFFICE – YOU – as the powerful entity that you are –  has been given the opportunity to run a factory of precision.
BUT – you ignore the departmental managers advice (gut feelings)
To save money YOU have started to purchase inferior raw materials (processed food, alcohol, drugs) and experience a very different output from your factory – there is less energy to run the machines – more toxic waste with alarms going so frequently that the service manager REMOVES THE ALARM SIGNALS (pharmaceutical drugs) – now there is a serious toxic overload in the factory and the machines and its workers start to shut down (serious dis-ease)
Contact me if this is how your body is working and you need to bring back – FEELING NORMAL

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